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Beverly Hills
Vocal Coaching

Ages 5 - 18


Vocal Coaching

  • Diaphragm: Strengthen vocal dynamic power through healthy belts and mix belts.

  • Pitch: 90% of what people perceive as quality vocals comes from pitch, hence the birth of autotune. Hone your note accuracy with ear training, pitch matching drills, and building vocal muscle memory.

  • Registers: Smooth the transition between your chest, mixed, and head voice to prevent unwanted "breaks".

  • Breathing: Avoid voice cracks, unstable vibrato, and slurred vocal runs with proper breathing.

  • Vocal upkeep methods with warming up, food/water intake planning, and proven techniques.


Have an original song or cover you'd like to professionally record? Need a demo for an audition, or simply want an online artist profile?

Tracking: With recording gear used by industry professionals and famous vocalists, track your song of choice and receive the audio files by the end of your session.

Release to Spotify, Apple Music, and other Digital Streaming Platforms: With Cage Riot Music Group, distribute your music to all streaming platforms and share the space with your favorite artists!


Music Theory: Study the practices and possibilities of keys, chord/triad builds, melodies, harmonies, overtones, cadencesconsonance, dissonance, western and foreign scales/modes, timbre, and more.

Arrangements: Song structure, (verses, chords, bridges,) song translation between instruments, reprises, 

Creativity: Music theory is not a rule, nor a strict method that must be followed. In fact, some of the most revolutionary songwriters in history defy traditional standards of theory... It is a critical tool for you to use to your advantage, infinite ingredients options to utilize within your recipe.

Vocals + Beginner's Keys/Guitar

Supporting vocal and performance abilities by learning an instrument sets you apart from other vocalists and increases your musical skill.

Piano: Learn the chords and progressions of your songs of choice.

Guitar: Study guitar tabs and learn various formations like open chords, inverted chords, and power chords.

Looking to play shows? Do local open mics? Start a band? Broaden your possibilities of landing a role? Learning an instrument may be a signifcant factor in your success. 

Natalie Marie Claro

Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Location :
Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, 90048

Somebody To LoveQueen cover by Natalie Marie
00:00 / 02:58

Listen :

A Bit About Me

I'm Natalie, creative director of Cage Riot Music Group, instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist based in Beverly Grove, right next to the Park La Brea Tar Pits. With over 15 years of musical training and 3 years instructing experience, my duty is to connect with each student and help them flourish in ways that cater precisely to their needs.

The vocal cords being like any other muscle-- I believe anyone can conquer their musical goals with dedication, persistence, and ambition. An individual's unique style and tone should never be compromised on their journey to vocal improvement. 


Notable Credentials


Berklee College of Music

School of Rock

National Tours

Invited on several occasions to record at Spotify Studios in Nashville, TN and New York City.

Furthered education in Berklee College of Music's online program studying music production and audio engineering.

Taught vocals, songwriting, and instrumentation at both School of Rock and Girls Rock Camp Alliance. 

Shared the stage with acts such as The Plain White T’s, Hawthorne Heights, Paramore’s Drummer “Halfnoise”, and traveled for Hollister’s High School Nation Tour and Sofar Sounds.

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Beverly Hills Vocal Coaching


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