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A rollicking good time from the blues-infected pop-rock of Natalie Claro – something like P!nk meets The Dresden Dolls IF we were to draw a comparison…maybe? Whatever it sounds like, it’s awesome. Love it.

Rolling Stone- India

Nashville-based alternative singer-songwriter Natalie Claro’s latest offering is the moody track “When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice” which is a coming-of-age metaphor on the notion that when a cocktail is so sugary, you can hardly taste the alcohol. The track builds splendidly to include distorted guitars and heavy drums while Claro’s smooth vocals hit all the right notes
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Natalie Claro perfectly relays that sentiment in her pop-rock single “When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice.” The sultry single highlights powerful, soulful vocals soaring atop heavy guitars and shiny drums. 


Natalie Claro is a rock star – the artist’s combination of powerful vocals and songwriting chops provide a body of work that does not fail to disappoint.


We adore the honest and genuine lyrical approach that Natalie Claro has taken throughout this single, as listeners are bound to find a piece of themselves within her emotional and straightforward lyricism.
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Stage Right Secrets

Your music video is eye-catching, how involved were you in the concept?
I actually wrote and directed the video!

American Songwriter - Bringin' it Backwards

The badass multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Natalie Claro recently released a music video for her song “Discomposure“.

Substream Magazine

Natalie Claro is a bold alternative artist based in New York City. Earlier this year, she released “Discomposure,” which is about Natalie’s struggle with anxiety and mental illness following trauma life had thrown her way. 
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Featured on Natalie Claro’s EP “Selfish Topics” is the hard-hitting indie-rock anthem “Discomposure”. It’s easily one of the most instrumentally energizing and satisfying tracks on this EP.


San Diego-based alternative pop rock band Almost Monday, up-and-coming artist Royse, and alternative rock singer-songwriter Natalie Claro performed Monday. Concert headliner Silentó, whose 2015 chart-topping single "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)".

The Deli NYC

Natalie Claro’s music is a menagerie of influences - her full length debut Disconnect is a fluid collection of songs equal parts garage, singer-songwriter, and folk, with additional nods to electronic R&B and classical piano composition. It may sound like a lofty undertaking for a single record, but Claro’s strength comes primarily from her ability to channel a variety of genres into a cohesive, exciting sound, one united by her explosive vocal performances.

New York Minute Mag

Though she’s classified as an alternative rock artist, Natalie’s music crosses genres and stuns listeners with a unique sound like no other. When she performs, Natalie gives it her all through drum solos, carefree dancing, and tricks like cartwheels and backbends, leaving an unforgettable impression on the crowd. What’s even more impressive is that Natalie writes and produces her music herself.


MUSIC VIDEO ROUNDUP #32 featuring 42 newly released music videos
from some of our new artist discoveries.

Unclear Magazine

Writing lyrics in her bedroom and translating into powerful melodies in the studios is a talent of hers that has struck the hearts of people nationwide. 

Strife Magazine

We are beyond thrilled and honoured to be premiering Natalie Claro's latest masterpiece: the music video for the track "Mountains"! For those who aren't aware of Natalie Claro yet, please meet Natalie Claro, the 18yr singer/songwriter who's music is filled with influences from rock, pop, folk and a punch beyond reason!

Entrance Media

Claro made the decision to cover "Somebody to Love." While the influence of Freddie Mercury is obvious throughout the cover, Claro brings her own originality to the song with a bit of a jazzy, angsty vocalization to the lyrics. Her raspy, rock-like vocals and addition of the electric guitar give a sense of originality to the widely-covered song.
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