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Natalie Claro, born in Los Angeles, is now residing in Tampa, Florida. Her debut studio album has been released and she's now toured the nation performing her work... and is here to provide you the tool's to do the same. It's time to create the music of your dreams.

The worst situation for musicians and singers: having original music that you want to share with the world but facing the intimidating obstacle of producing. Natalie studies each person she works with and devotes herself to providing them their exact vision for each piece.

Her talents and abilities reach long beyond her songwriting skills: Piano, guitar, and drums are her specialty. She has an advanced study of music theory and composition and a gifted ear for pitch and tone. If there's one person who can turn your vision into a reality, it's her. 

While some producers only express interest in familiarity, Claro has a love and passion for almost any and all genres. Her eclectic set of influences include Michael Jackson, Queen, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Paramore, Lady Gaga, and Cage the Elephant. Pop, rock, alternative, hip-hop, R&B, country, you name it and she can create it.



Natalie Claro has an achievement list that drops jaws:

  • Her music excels on prestigious platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, VEVO, iHeart Radio, Google Play... just to name some.

  • At just 15 she was endorsed by Hard Rock Cafe for her talents, provided stage time and guitars on their behalf.

  • Awarded Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Vocalist, Best Rock Act, and Best Pop Act in 2015 and 2017 by Creative Loafing.

  • Has toured across the country to cities such as Boston, NYC, Atlanta, and Miami.

  • Verified on Facebook with over 16,000 likes to this day.


While creating a song is an amazing experience, the entire production can vary in time depending on the amount of instruments, complexity of each part, and pickiness of the artist. Regardless, those will fall within a successful structure when working with Claro that allows the music to reach it's fullest potential.


  1. CONSULTATION: You'll begin with a phone consultation that essentially reiterates what you are about to read, ensuring that you are aware of what to expect from beginning to end.

  2. SONG EVALUATION: This is analyzation of your original piece to prepare for the recording. Genre, vocal melody, chord progression, tempo, and vision are all noted and taken into account. You will also be asked to provide about 2-3 samples of music that you would consider similar or an inspiration for what you want out of your end result.

  3. RECORDING: Studio time! This begins with a scratch instrument and vocal as a "rough draft". From then on is building the drum/beat, bass line, tones, and any other layering instruments to start giving the song it's major components. The final recording step is to get behind the mic and lay down the lead vocals, ad libs, and some harmonies. Natalie is great at coaching tone and pitch for those who need assistance.

  4. TRACK POLISHING: Before the song can be mixed and mastered, each track of the song must be cleaned up and perfected. Examples of this are drums/beat reviewing, melodyning and/or auto-tuning the vocals, or removing any feedback and excess noises.

  5. MIXING AND MASTERING: This is the final and most crucial step for your song. While producing the music lays down each instrument and sound, mixing is what allows the parts to join together in harmony, so that it isn't a collection of notes "slapped together". Mixing the song will give each track it's respective prominence, volume, and tone. Examples of mixing steps include equalization, compression, reverb, and panning. Due to this being the most tedious step, you will not be present for the process, but given the opportunity to make notes and alterations after each mix until your are satisfied with the result.


Let's get started. 

Thanks for the message! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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