Natalie Claro releases her short album/EP "Selfish Topics"

Natalie Claro, labeled “the small girl with a big voice”, is a 19-year-old alternative rock singer/songwriter and producer currently residing in New York. Claro has shared stages with artists like Halfnoise, Public, Hunny, and more, climbed her way to performing on Sony’s BalconyTV, recorded at Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios, been featured in music videos such as Sylar’s “SHOOK!”, and has acquired almost 2 million streams on her previous and first album “Disconnect”.


The virtuoso is skilled in piano, guitar, and drums to single handedly create all her records. Writing lyrics since age 5, Claro now touches intense topics such as politics, existence, and mental health. But what truly resonates with hearts are her live performances; with booming vocals, crowd surfing, cartwheels, drum solos, and more, she believes in an interactive experience. Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Miami, and Atlanta are just a few of the cities she’s planted her foot in nation-wide.


Mrs. Claro’s new short album “Selfish Topics” is moving to say the least. When announcing this work to her fans, she wrote a little letter for them:


“Welcome to Selfish Topics. This music is about understanding the irrationality and complexity of certain emotions even if you have the inability to maintain them properly; sometimes logic is in a constant battle with your sentiments. A project about wanting to control your feelings instead of letting them control you. Something that says “I may not be acting normal but my heart has good intentions.” 2018 was a nightmare for me and I wrote these songs along the ups and downs. These are my personal thoughts that I usually avoid opening up about due to an unwavering fear of seeming selfish. I’ve experienced the worst depths of depression and the highest points of what feels like anxious madness. I wanted to write songs about it because not only is it how I cope, but the moment I realized these are things everyone relates to, I knew it could be something useful. Sometimes even the happiest seeming people have their shit all over the place. Everyone should team up and work together on conquering the weird thing called the brain. As cliche as it sounds, check on your friends. Let them vent. Vent to them back. Hug them and cry and go get ice cream. It may not fix everything, but anything helps. One thing is for sure: never feel selfish for opening up about your own topics.”


Selfish Topics has its debut on August 10th, 2019 on all streaming platforms.

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